Author: Sue McDonnell



  If I had a dollar for everytime a question around purpose was asked I would be a rich woman!  At some point in our lives, we start to think about questions like ‘why am I here?’ or ‘ is this it?’ if we’re feeling disheartened,...

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understanding our needs

Understanding Our Needs

Generally at some point in my coaching work, the subject of ‘needs’ will arise in one way or another. When we get to talking about this, most people look at me like I’m mad! They have often never been asked what they need in their...

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The Universal ‘Anger Face’

Researchers at UCSB and Griffith University in Australia identify origin and purpose of the facial expression for anger. I’m doing some research on anger for some coaching clients. Of course as is always the case, I’m also learning about my own relationship with anger. How do we...

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