Coaching Supervision

What is coaching supervision and who is it aimed at?

Coaching supervision is developing a relationship where the coach has time to reflect upon their practice and to share this with an experienced coach who can challenge, invite, notice observations that will help the coach grow and develop in their work. It is aimed at anyone who plays a coaching role with others whether that is a line manager, an executive coach, a life coach or a sports coach.


What can you expect from coaching supervision?



  • Gain a deeper understanding and insight around your relationships with your coachees.
  • Become clearer on your own strengths, triggers and weaknesses.
  • Learn new coaching skills and techniques to enhance working with your clients.
  • Understand where you can take your coaching practice deeper to effect greater change.
  • Cultivate a deeper awareness of the process of the coaching as well as the content.
  • Understand where and why the initial coaching contract may be going off course and how to bring it back.
  • Gain insight on the role transference and counter transference play in the coaching relationship.
  • Help your coachee to become clearer on the system in which they operate.


For more information on coaching supervision please contact Sue.