As a qualified Psychotherapist and specialist in Organisational Development, my first love is working with individuals and teams to hold up the mirror, dig deep and enable them to get the outcomes they want from work and to create the life they love.


Clients often describe me as ‘tough and challenging, but with empathy’. I am 100% committed to holding people accountable and increasing self awareness. My motivation is to grow leaders and teams with confidence to excel and thrive in optimal working relationships through an in-built passion to grow beyond their perceived limitations and boundaries.


Generally speaking, my work within organisations is focused on three main areas: executive coaching, leadership and team development and energy work. These areas are designed to work both in isolation and together. With the latter, a tailored approach is recommended in order to design an ‘experience’ to deliver against a pre-defined set of objectives and/or expectations.


Team Coaching


Adopting a pragmatic and outcome focussed approach, team ‘experiences’ are designed to  go deep quickly while holding the team in an emotionally ‘safe place’. Through an experience of open and honest interaction, the team is equipped to face their fears, obstacles and challenges, to better understand the dynamic and beliefs currently shaping the team. The end objective: positive action and measurable growth.

Executive Coaching


I work with senior business leaders who want move to the next level of their development and continue to develop and evolve at a human level. This work is two fold: to grow individual self-awareness, and to pay it forward by developing leaders to become more accomplished at observing others to guide and support their team’s future career path. The objective is to build self-sufficiency through the setting of behavioural experiments between sessions, and to grow confidence and vision through the lens of what your stakeholders need and want.


Coaching Supervision


I provide coaching supervision to individuals either within organisations or consultants who are working as coaches. Supervision can be delivered one-to-one or with a group of coaches; it assists people to be a skilful self-reflector, an ethical coach and to understand the unconscious processes that happen in the coaching relationship.

Energetic Alignment


Here’s the thing… At the heart and centre of everything we do is ‘energy’. We inspire and lead others through having it, positive action is fuelled with it, and a high potential culture is empowered by it.


Holistic and enduring value demands a higher level of conscious alignment – understanding what makes us tick, channelling positive and negative energy, how others experience us and what that means. My belief is that ‘energy’ positions us to excel and exceed at every opportunity – it is the catalyst to a high achieving and performing stakeholder culture. All that is required is an open mind, and a willingness to explore something potentially unfamiliar, exciting, and new.


For some further background information, my credentials are here.

I look forward to working with you.