Self-awareness is at the

heart of great leadership.


Understanding who we are and our impact on others

is no longer a luxury, it is a business necessity.


Teams that develop together in a meaningful

way deliver incredible organisational results.




I work with forward thinking organisations and individuals that thrive on opportunity and grow through adversity.


My four areas of focus are : team development, executive coaching, coaching supervision and energetic alignment.


Energy through inspiration.


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Team Coaching

Partnering with teams to take them from success to significance, I use a wholehearted, adaptive approach to team development.

Executive Coaching

Working with senior leaders who want to develop and evolve into the best version of themselves and deliver exceptional organisational results.

Coaching Supervision

Supervising coaches, both internal coaches and consultants to hold a mirror up and give them a safe space to debrief, share and gain further clarity on a way forward.

Energetic Alignment

Using a holistic approach beyond the physical and cognitive to enable clients to witness challenges at a deeper level by clearing blockages and rebalancing their energy.